Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Alternative Life Paths #1: Build Your Own Mud Hut and Live in it

Concept brutally stolen at pencilpoint from the hilarious Abbey Perez.

Rat race got you down? Stressed between your desperate attempt at an unreachable artistic immortality and your literal need for food and medical care? Bored of tv?

Follow this simple guide and you'll be on your brand new life path in no time!

Step 1. 
Sell all of your possessions so you have at least enough money for a bus ticket. 

Image result for yard sale

Step 2. 
Take a bus into the desert.

Image result for bus ride

Step 3. 
Build a mud hut from mud and sustainable reclaimed wood. For more details on performing this step, google "build a mud hut from mud and sustainable reclaimed wood".

Image result for using google

Step 4. 
Live in the mud hut, caring for your small garden (you should have built it in Step 3) and peacefully communing with snakes (they like to be invited to things even if they don't have the time to come over. It just makes them feel good so you might as well invite them).
Die in the mud hut, happy in your naked, sunbaked ignorance.

Image result for sunbathing in the desert

There it is, five simple steps to follow your dreams and love the life you live! Comment below if you find success with this method.

Tag urself, I'm #takeabusintothedesert.

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