Wednesday, November 20, 2019

5 Ways to Dress Up Your Mental Illness for the Holidays

The conversation around mental illness is getting better and more open, but your conversations with your Aunt Tamara are only getting more strained and less fun. Since you can't Marie Kondo your family (maybe you should, though), here's a couple cute, festive ideas for dressing up your mental illness for the holidays!

1. "I'm an artist."

This way, your mood swings and outbursts are simply the results of creative energy. You weren't crying in your room while you were supposed to be helping to cook potatoes- that was practice for an audition.

2. Blame your love life.

Even if your family doesn't understand the very real effects of chemicals misbehaving in your brain, they will commiserate with you over being a star-crossed or jilted lover. 

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3. Be the "Quirky Cousin"

Everyone in the family has to have their "thing". Since your cousins already have career success and fulfilling family life covered, you've got to have something. So, the new, edgy haircut is definitely not the result of a psychological break you had last week. It's a daring look to show your individuality.

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4. Get holiday-themed pajamas

That way, when you don't get dressed in the morning, it'll look like you're being festive. Having a few tacky sweaters to rotate through will help the look. Also, curl up with a cozy blanket and hot cocoa. Again, if anybody asks, you're being festive for the winter season! Not paralyzed by depression!

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5. As an absolute last resort, redirect the conversation to politics. Then everyone will be so angry and sad you won't stand out!

Tag urself, I'm #i'manartist.

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