Wednesday, January 29, 2020

5 Movies That Will Make You Feel Like You Have Friends

Some nights, it's time to scroll through that romcom section of Netflix and pick the one with the schmaltziest monologue delivered in the rain.

But other times, it's not so much the romantic itch you need to scratch... 

It's that feeling of being welcome, accepted, and gently roasted like chestnuts over the open fire of your friends' wits.

If you're hankering to feel like one of the gang, here's the best romcoms to watch when you need to feel like you have clever, fashionable, loyal friends who always know what's best for you.

1. Under the Tuscan Sun

I'm not even sure this one counts as a romcom. 

It's really about Diane Lane making friends with Italians, and if you don't want that in your life, I don't understand you.

2. Clueless

Most of the pics around this technically "romcom" are of Cher and her friends, and for good reason: although Paul Rudd is a dreamboat in flannel, he's still like, her ex-stepbrother? So the romance is a little weird.

It's fine, because we don't focus on it for too long. Mainly, we watch Cher on her journey to becoming a better person and friend, and that's what we really wanted (besides a kiss with Paul Rudd which I'm more than fine with). 

3. Bring It On

I didn't even remember this one having a romance. All I remembered was cheerleaders being friends and winning championships while saying clever things.

The characters in it are generally good people trying to do good things (except for the necessary baddies). 

10/10 would cheer for it.

4. Must Love Dogs

Okay, yes, it's Diane Lane again. She's great.

The real stars of this film, though, are her sister/whole family and John Cusack's best friend. 

The two leads spend like, hardly any time together, and everything that comes out of John Cusack's mouth is problematic, BUT the supporting cast is adorbs.

Plus, dogs.

5. Heathers

And we round off the movie with another feel-good high school comedy about girls learning the true meaning of friendship! 

Go ahead and go watch it if you haven't, you'll love it and definitely feel good and not at all bleak.

(Nobody tell the people who haven't seen it what it's actually about)

(JK trigger warnings are important. This is a joke, this movie is GREAT but actually a very very dark black comedy)

Tag urself, I'm #mustlovedogs.

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